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About Lost Creek Mushroom Farm

Please contact us about presenting programs on mushrooms and fungi and how they help the Earth (Mushroom Mania!), on the medicinal benefits of mushrooms, about how mushrooms are grown in different parts of the world, how to grow shiitakes on logs, and more!

We are Doug and Sandra (pronounced Sondra) Williams. Doug is the one with the dream of raising shiitakes and I, Sandra, am primarily a writer and speaker, a theatre artist – and the practical one.

Doug is a man who thrives at the foundation levels of life. By trade he is a stone mason, working with earth, minerals, and stone. He started hunting wild mushrooms when he was in his 20s. In his 40s he had a dream: To grow something in a greenhouse, something that helps people, is not harmful to the environment, and requires a low level of technology. He didn’t know what that was until he discovered growing shiitakes on logs. He said, “my mind lit up like a Christmas tree.”

We started in 1985 and by 1992 we'd became full-fledged fungus farmers. Doug was a natural – his mushrooms were so beautiful that chefs said repeatedly, “I’ve never seen shiitakes like these.” We developed our log kits to share the experience with other people and support our farm in the winter months.

Meeting mushroom lovers and other shiitake growers has been one of our greatest joys. We’ve loved meeting fungiphiles (people who love mushrooms). We’ve heard amazing stories about mushroom hunting and learned many ways to cook our favorite food. We met people who lost loved ones to poison mushrooms and people who have been cured by the healing power of mushrooms.

Our love of and interest in mushrooms, especially their medicinal and spiritual properties, have taken us to Africa, India, China, and around much of the US. We are honored to be invited to present programs at the United Nations, Autism One Conference, universities, schools, civic organizations, garden clubs, and spiritual centers (where we talk about the spiritual gifts of mushrooms -- many kinds, not just "magic" mushrooms).

We were invited to serve with OICI, a USAID agency, as volunteer mushroom consultants in 2007. In 2008 we formed Mushrooms in Ghana Project and in 2014, Mushrooms for Well Being Foundation. Learn more about our project and international activities at www.mushroomsforwellbeing.org