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Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is really Nature’s guarantee. Once a log fruits, it has to fruit again when conditions are right. Soak your log regularly, keep it in its comfort zone (62-78° F./47-56° C.), with room light, shock it well, and your log will give you fresh, delicious shiitakes for years. Or you can set it outside in the shade and let Nature fruit it for you.

We hand pick every log and ship only proven fruiters. However, sometimes the logs just don’t fruit, even when the owners do everything right.

We guarantee that our logs will fruit. This is an unconditional guarantee from the date of shipping for the next four months, which is two fruiting cycles. If the customer returns the registration card, we extend the unconditional guarantee to six months from the shipping date.

We will accept a log back for any reason within that time. We will replace it, send an equivalent value in mushrooms and mushroom products, or we will refund the purchase price. We do not refund the original shipping cost.

The log must be returned healthy and alive. We will not honor our guarantee on a dead log.

On returned gift log kits we prefer the replacement or mushroom option, so that the spirit of the gift is retained.

We do not pay shipping charges for the returned log, but we will pay the shipping to send a replacement or the equivalent value in mushrooms and mushroom products.

Sandra & Doug Williams
Lost Creek Mushroom Farm