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Shiitake Lore Care & Handling Facts, Nutrition & Health Benefits
Prices for all log kits include shipping and handling!

Lost Creek Mushroom Farm Shiitake Kits:

  • Contain all-natural, organic, ready-to-fruit hardwood logs inoculated with high-quality shiitake spawn.
  • Will grow mushrooms every two months or so for 3-5 years.
  • Grow indoors in room light and room temperature, like plants, and/or outside in shade.
  • Immerse logs in non-chlorinated ice water and soak for 24 hours to start the mushrooms growing, or "fruiting."
  • Mushrooms sprout in 6-10 days. Harvest 2-4 days later. Soak in non-chlorinated room-temperature water every 2 weeks.
  • Kits with two logs, such as the Best Buy and the Shiitake Ma & Pa Kit, can grow mushrooms every month by alternating the fruiting log.Fruiting both together increases the yield for each log.
  • Logs grow only a few mushrooms at the beginning and harvests increase with each fruiting as the logs mature. In the second year the log can be covered top to bottom. Crops taper off in the third and fourth years.
  • All logs come with clear, easy instructions and eight delicious recipes. Add The Shiitake Sampler Cookbook with 51 shiitake recipes for your own kitchen or to increase the value of a gift log kit.
  • Logs 10" and larger are guaranteed to fruit. ‘Shroomies are inoculated and perform the same way as the larger logs, but they are.not guaranteed because of the shipping costs to return and replace them.
  • We’ll ship anywhere you say to arrive for that special day!