Lost Creek Mushroom Farm is 2-4 days away from almost everywhere in the continental US. We ship by USPS Priority Mail and UPS and include the costs in our pricing.

Hanukah and Christmas orders. We prefer to ship so that your orders close to the time they’ll be opened. For Christmas we want the logs to arrive around December 20. Shiitake mushroom logs are living organisms and can’t stay in the box for more than about two weeks without unpleasant consequences. Please specify the arrival date and we’ll get it there in good time.

Shipping to Canada. We prefer that you order by phone at 1-800-792-0053 so that you pay the actual shipping rate plus $2.50 for special handling (We have to place international mail into a postal worker’s hands!) If you order online we will refund over-payment or add additional charges if they apply. We will contact you for permission to add to the charge.