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Mushrooms in Ghana
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Welcome to the Lost Creek Shiitake Mushroom Farm  

Shiitake mushroom logs, shiitake soups, dips & gift items from Lost Creek Mushroom Farm. Since 1992 sending mushroom log kits to shiitake lovers and gardeners. Health benefits, gourmet flavor, a unique gardening experience. Makes a great gift! Fully guaranteed to grow.

Lost Creek Mushroom Farm Shiitake Logs ~ A Gourmet Treat.  A Great Gift.

Buy a Mushroom Log Kit

Read about Doug and Sandra's visit to Mushroom farms in Ghana
They are donating a portion of sales to help expand production for Ghanaian mushroom farmers. Your purchase helps the farmers, most of them women, lift themselves out of poverty. Thanks!

Please include the arrival date for your order. Logs are living organisms and require air, water and light. They can't be left in the box for more than about two weeks without unpleasant consequences.
CHRISTMAS ORDERS: We prefer to ship to arrive by December 22.

Mushroom Log 

Log-grown shiitakes are more nutritious than commercial shiitakes grown on sawdust blocks. Shiitakes are perfect for vegetarians, gourmets, gardeners, and health and mushroom enthusiasts.  

Shiitakes are low in fat, high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms are used nutritionally to fight cancer, fibrocystic breast disease, high blood pressure and viruses, to strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, and reduce cholesterol.


Sondra & Doug Williams, “Ma & Pa” Shiitake



Our Log Kits  

Prices for all log kits and Shiitake Gift Boxes include Shipping & Handling!

  • Contain all-natural, organic, ready-to-fruit hardwood logs inoculated with high-quality shiitake spawn
  • Grow indoors in room light and room temperature and/or outside in shade.
  • Immerse logs in ice water and soak for 24 hours to trigger fruiting. Mushrooms sprout in 6-10 days. Harvest 2-4 days later. Soak in nonchlorinated water every 2 weeks.
  • Original Log Kit with a single large log and a soaking tray grows fresh shiitake mushrooms every two months.  Ma & Pa Kit with two smaller logs produces mushrooms every month by alternating the fruiting logs. For the biggest harvest at the best price, see our online specials for two original kits.
  • Our Original Log Kit usually produces about 1/4 to 1/3 pound of mushrooms or more at the start, with more as the log matures. Ma & Pa Log Kit produces fewer mushrooms per log when fruited every month, but the same amount or more overall. Both logs fruited together increases production.
  • All logs come with clear, easy instructions and eight delicious recipes.
  • Logs in log kits are guaranteed to fruit. 'Shroomies are not guaranteed because of the shipping costs to return and replace them; but they are inoculated and perform the same way as the larger logs.
  • We'll ship anywhere you say to arrive for that special day!    

Shiitake Gift Boxes 

Know someone who loves mushrooms?
 Give a Shiitake Gift Box
~ Mild Box or Hot Box with a Grow-Your-Own 'Shroomie Log! 



 For 3-day, 2-Day Air or Overnight shipping, please place your order by phone at 1-800-792-0053.

Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii costs $7.50 more, shipping to a PO Box requires an additional $2.50 per kit for a 10" or Ma & Pa Kit and $8.50 per log for the Original 14" log with a tray. These costs are not reflected on the order form at this time, and (1) they will be added at the time we process your credit card or (2) you can order by phone at 1-800-792-0053. For logs to go to Hawaii, please see FAQs.

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