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Shiitake Ma & Pa Kit
Shiitake Ma & Pa Kit

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Add the Shiitake Sampler Cookbook with 51 recipes [Add $8.95]
Shiitake: The Healing Mushroom

Shiitake: The Healing Mushroom by Kenneth Jones [Add $9.50]

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Our Shiitake Ma & Pa Shiitake Log Kit is named after us and makes a cute couple. It's a unique grow-your-own mushroom kit with two logs instead of one, an idea inspired by the social nature of shiitakes themselves: Shiitake logs produce more mushrooms when they’re near other logs. With two logs you can get more mushrooms from each log when you fruit them together, or alternate the fruiting log and get shiitakes every month instead of the usual two months.

Shiitake Ma & Pa thrive indoors like plants or outside in shade. Each will grow mushrooms about every two months for about 3-5 years. Immersing a log in cold water and then soaking it for 24 hours “shocks” it and starts the mushrooms growing or "fruiting." Mushrooms sprout in 6-10 days, yielding 2-4 ounces each or more. Then the log “rests” until the next fruiting, requiring soaking every two weeks in non-chlorinated room-temperature water. Expect a few mushrooms to start with, then increasingly larger yields as the log matures. In the second year a log can be covered top-to-bottom with shiitakes.

The Shiitake Ma & Pa Kit makes a generous gift (especially when you add The Shiitake Sampler Cookbook for only $8.95). It includes two ready-to-grow 10-inch hardwood logs such as oak or gum. Quick-start and detailed instructions and our Lost Creek Mushroom Farm recipe booklet with 8 recipes round out the kit. Ma & Pa are fully guaranteed to grow shiitake mushrooms.

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