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Redbud Gourmet

Shiitake Mushroom Gourmet Products

Product Line

The shiitake is the world's second most-popular mushroom, desired for its meaty texture and woodsy taste.

Redbud Gourmet mixes shiitakes with quality herbs and spices to create intense, pungent flavors.

Our products are easily prepared and aesthetically pleasing.  They contain no animal products or artificial ingredients.  Redbud Gourmet products make generous quantities for family or fine dining and entertaining.

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Unique, colorful “little log” packaging offers a 
variety of attractive display options.

Shiitake Tortilla Soup

Chunks of meaty shiitakes, onions, spicy flavorings in a new interpretation of a Southwest favorite.Makes 7-8 cups, serving 6-8. Customer adds tomatoes, corn, and tortilla chips. No meat products or preservatives.

   FIERY Winner of the 1999 Scovie Award Second Place! International Fiery Foods Contest
           SPICY Same appealing flavor ~ less fire!

           MILD - Just a hint of heat!

Shiitake Lime-Dill Dip

Flavor-bursts of shiitakes in dill with the sharp tang of lime. Intense and unique!

1.25 oz size makes 1˝-2 cups, 2.5 oz size makes 3-4 cups.
The mix can be served as a dip, sauce, spread, salad dressing or seasoning.
Customers add the mixture of choice, including sour cream,
cream cheese, yogurt, tofu, and fat-free products.

Shiitake Southwest Dip

Flavor with fire! The deep shiitake flavor against red peppers creates a surprising taste with moderate heat.  1.25 oz makes 1˝ -2 cups for a dip, salad dressing, or sauce for chicken, fish, eggs, lamb, and pork.  Sprinkled directly from the package, Shiitake Southwest mix turns baked chicken or fish into a gourmet experience.

Shipping Information

Shipping for soup and dip mixes is $7.00 for 1-12 boxes of mix. If shipped as soup and dip mixes alone, $7.00 will be added to your credit card charges but will not appear in your total on this order form. If soup and dip mixes are shipped with a log kit, there is no additional shipping.

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Also available:

Shiitake Gift Baskets

Available in Spicy or Mild Flavors.

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